Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July Currently

So it's been FOREVER since I've visited my blog.  I had grand plans of blogging about all the wonderful things that were happening in 2nd grade this past school year, but the reality was that starting at a new school was more time consuming than I thought, and I just never got around to it!

Now that it's summer, I really really really am going to try blogging.  I have a lot of things that I wanted to write about during the school year, so hopefully I will get my act together and write about them over the summer.

To help ease myself back in to the blogging world, I'm linking up with Farley at Oh' Boy Fourth Grade for her July Currently!

LISTENING: I hate to admit it, but I'm obsessed with reality TV.  It's my guilty pleasure.  So I'm using the day to get caught up on the new season of the Real Housewives of Orange County.  My poor husband is telecommuting today, and is having to listen to this rubbish while working.

LOVING: I HATE cleaning, there's almost nothing I find more unpleasant than having to clean the house.  The cleaning people came today, so I'm loving sitting in a clean house that I didn't have to clean myself :-)

THINKING:  Summer is supposed to be a time of rest and relaxation for teachers, but my to-do list is already a mile long.  There are so many things I want to go ahead and start getting ready for next year.  One of my big projects is starting some anchor charts.  I like creating my anchor charts with the students because I find it more meaningful.  However, I also like things to be 'cutesy' which takes a lot of time to do with the students.  I want to create anchor charts using cute clip art and fonts, but leave blank space to fill in with students.

WANTING: I so so so wish that I was heading to Vegas next week for the TpT conference.  I remember seeing all the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter posts last year and being SO jealous.  However, we have some big expenses in the near future and it's just not in the cards for me this year.  Hopefully this time next year I will be writing a post about my excitement for the 2016 TpT conference.

NEEDING: I always laugh to myself when parents and co-workers make a comment about me being patient.  While I try to be patient with my students, I am NOT patient in my non-school life.  So this summer I am really trying to "chill-out" and not get upset when things I want don't happen right away.

ALL STAR:  I am an all-star at collecting clip art.  The number of pictures in my collection is embarrassing.  I put clip art on EVERYTHING!  We had to send our Wii back to Nintendo to get repaired, and I had to add clip art to the letter we sent in.   I think I need a support group for my clip art and font obsession.

That's it for now!  Hopefully it won't be nine months before I write again!


  1. I'm pretty good at clip art also! Your blog is adorable. I have had a hard time keeping up with blogging, too. I hope I can be more consistent.

  2. Hi Bonnie! I found your blog on Farley's Currently! This is definitely a perfect way to ease into blogging again. I appreciate your love for cute anchor charts. I was obsessed with cute anchor charts when I was in the classroom too! (I'm currently an Instructional Coach so now I'm obsessed with cutesy PowerPoint slides. Ha. Old habits die hard.)
    I am sorry that you won't be going to the TpT conference! I wasn't able to go last year and was so bummed, so I saved up all year to be able to go this year! I would love to mail you a gift from the swag bags we'll be getting! Please let me... it's the least I could do. Email me:
    Lastly, I share your obsession with clipart! I love Melonheadz and Krista Wallden. I sign up for everything Krista offers. I think half of my TpT earnings go to her. Oh well... it's gotta look cute...right? I know you're nodding your head considering your blog name. :)