Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Two for Tuesday Linky

Happy Tuesday! I am on VACATION!! However it's been stormy here at the beach so it is the perfect opportunity to get a quick blog post in.

I know I've been doing a lot of "linky parties", but for a newbie blogger this is the perfect way for me to figure this all out :-) Today I'm linking up with The Teaching Tribune for their "Two for Tuesday" linky. I have been following this linky for a couple of weeks now and have found a ton of great resources. Each blogger has put two items in their Teachers Pay Teachers store on sale at 50% off!!!

If you are not already back at school, you probably will be soon.  This is a great way to pick up some awesome resources at heavily discounted prices!

My Two For Tuesday Items:

Who says summer has to be over?!  This is a set of 6 task cards covering skills such as abbreviations, synonyms and antonyms, guide words, past and present verbs, plural nouns, and homophones.  All cards have a "summer" theme to help ease us back into the school year.  With the 50% discount, you will get each set of task cards for less than one dollar each.  Five sets of cards have a QR Code option to help engage students.  

Homophone task cards using QR code option in use

We all know that it is important for students to master their basic math facts.  These puzzles give students the opportunity to work with those math facts in a fun AND challenging way.  Students choose a puzzle to work on. They have to match up all the addition sentences and sums so that all sides match (that's the challenging part).  All the puzzles have an adorable animal picture to help guide students in putting the puzzle together and to allow them to check their work.  

One of the subtraction puzzles in use

I know it's TWO for Tuesday, but I'm on vacation, and in a great mood so I'm throwing in one more item to discount at 50%.  

I know I've mentioned my Back to School Language Arts Task Card before, but I'm so excited about them!  At 50% off it's like getting six sets of the task cards FREE! Make sure you head over to my store and check them out!

Parts of Speech task cards with motivating joke

Again thanks to The Teaching Tribune for hosting this awesome linky.  Head back over to The Teaching Tribune to check out other great resources marked down 50% today!

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  1. Loving these cards!!! So perfect for review and beginning of the year goodness!