My Classroom

Here's a picture of my classroom at the beginning of the 2013-2014 year.  I hadn't thought about blogging at the time, and didn't think to take detailed pictures.  Hopefully next school year, I'll take better (not phone) pictures that show details of my room :-)

This is a closeup of my reading area:
I change out the curtains each month.  This was the beginning of the year so I have school themed ones up now.  October is pumpkins :-)  The way the light is shining in makes it hard to see the detail :-(  My favorite part of my reading area are my crate seats and benches!

I'm switching schools next year, so currently everything is in my dining room and family room.  This is what my classroom looked like after moving out.

I haven't even seen my room at my new school, but I understand it's the same layout.  However I'll have about 10 more students than I had this year, so I'm a little nervous about having to fit 10 more desks into a room that size.  We were pretty cozy this year!

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